Reinventing production planning and control

Our flagship product “AssemblySuite” changes the way major companies plan and control their complex production processes. It offers you worldwide unique features for the optimization of clocked serial production. We especially focus on line balancing, order planning and program planning in order to offer you special solutions for your particular production.

As a university spin-off, we put modern technologies into practice. Our software is used by e.g.  automobile manufacturers to optimize their final assemblies.

Modern software for your assembly

We love good software. We think that a good software should be fast, intuitive to handle and intelligent. We develop modern planning and control systems for serial productions, so that our customers can operate their assembly lines more efficiently and with less planning effort.

Our consequent focus on the clocked serial production gives us a profound understanding of assembly and order planning. Although we are a software company we feel quite comfortable on the factory floors of the world. For us, communication and reciprocal understanding is more important than specifying. Thanks to years of experience, we understand the topic quite fast. We love to serve as a source for innovation, ideas and methods in for the departments planning and control. Furthermore, we like to show our customers the unlimited possibilities of using a modern software.

Our most important fields of activity

Line Balancing
Automatic Line Balancing (Precedence Graphs and Assembly Constraints)
Assembly Order Generation
Order Planning and Sequencing
Sequencing Rule Derivation
Workload and Capacity Planning

Our Customers