Order Generation

Create order programs in only a few seconds

The costumer’s order behavior with regard to multifaceted products changes constantly. New special equipment, new types and derivatives, model upgrades and changing customer needs continuously alter the composition of the production program. During the tactical planning process, automobile manufactures and other mass producers have to coordinate their assemblies as exactly as possible with the orders.

Trends and forecasts help to predict the order program in advance. However, it often takes hours and days to create realistic order programs in order to assess the impact of forecasted market changes on the production. Mathematical algorithms help to reduce this span of time to only a few seconds and to obtain more accurate and detailed results.

Save planning time by improving the planning base

The module “Order Generation” generates order programs on the basis of forecasted take rates for specific order features. A mathematical optimization procedure ensures that the target take rates of desired order features are met as precisely as possible while all untouched order feature take rates remain the same. The software automatically considers dependencies between the order features. In an extremely short period of time, an order program of the highest quality will be produced. This program is the basis for further analyses, e.g. with regard to effects on workload in an assembly line or the requirements of some work stations.

Features that make the module “Order Generation” unique:

Scribble Prognose

Quick and easy generation of order programs based on forecasts

Scribble Verbaurate

Hit cross series take rates with certainty

Scribble Bausbarkeit

Ensure the build-ability of orders

Scribble Abhängigkeit

Consider dependencies of order features automatically

Scribble Werkzeug/Konfiguration

Change the configuration of individual orders

Scribble Regeln

Simplified usage of build-ability rules to ensure plausible order programs

Scribble Schnittstelle

Creation of flexible interfaces for the import and export of order programs

Scribble Puzzleteile/Integration

In combination with the software module “Line Balancing” this module helps to directly display impacts on the workstations

All things considered, these features contribute so that order programs are generated in a higher quality, faster and much more easy to access. This is the way how you can prepare your assembly for the order programs of tomorrow.