Line Balancing

Smart Line Balancing Support for More Efficiency

Efficient production despite a great diversity of products: Our module “Line Balancing” holds the key to this. Get a totally transparent look at your assembly processes and further, concrete proposals for the reduction of time spread and the avoidance of overload situations. The software supports you in a wide range of activities: from manual line balancing to fully automatic line balancing that generates different scenarios within only a few seconds.

Whether you are planning for the SOP or the ongoing serial production: the module “Line Balancing” offers smart planning support to meet the challenges of a multifaceted assembly. You will benefit from:

  • Less time spread because of an intelligent combination of work processes
  • Decrease of bottlenecks due to less worker drift
  • Improved utilization owing to an improved levelling of assembly processes
  • Saving of time by means of automatically generated line balancing versions
  • Easy fine-tuning of the line balancing with the help of performance indicators and the preview of task moves
  • More transparency as a result of the visualization of the drift behavior, including live updates in case of an alteration in the cycle time or the order sequence

Workshop support

  • More flexibility in workshops due to simple adaptations of e.g. the process time or the take rate of tasks
  • Automatic workshop protocols that document all modifications to be implemented
  • Recorded and transferable process knowledge for the CIP in form of documented constraints

How Is That Possible?!

At the MTM SUMMIT 2023, Dr. Simon Altemeier explains why automatic line balancing works with the AssemblySuite™ and how it came about.

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Assembly Line Planning 2.0: The Uniqueness of the Module Line Balancing

Modern production planning systems offer more than a sheer administration of data. These systems are able to break down the complexity of the planning processes by simulations, visualizations and automatically search for the optimal solutions. The AssemblySuite is equipped with all of these features in order to take complex production lines to a new level of efficiency:


  • Automatic line balancing by means of high- performance algorithms
  • Quick documentation of assembly constraints
  • Automatic generation of line balancing versions
  • Preview possibility for task moves and their effects on workplaces
    (“what-if “-previews)
  • Simulations for a proactive hedge of the line balancing (bottleneck simulation)
  • Utilisation indicators for all planning levels


  • Simulations of worker moves
  • Determination of workload peaks
  • Automatic sequencing based on the criteria of density
  • Simulations of diverse production sequences
  • Analysis of worst-case scenarios to guarantee high quality planning results

These features make it possible to implement improvements in an ongoing production and to create clearly more efficient line balancing workshops. The communication between planning and production takes place on a reliable and transparent basis on which decisions can be made in a qualified manner.

This Is How It Works – Automatic Line Balancing Based on Assembly Constraints

Balance your production with the AssemblySuite in a semi- or fully automatic way. Line Balancing of your production will be based on documented constraints on the particular structure of your products, the conditions of your production and the actual assembly processes. The module “Line Balancing Constraints” is a unique tool for efficiently documenting and maintaining process knowledge in order to make it usable for IT-supported production planning.

The use of automatic line balancing is an excellent way to make line balancing workshops quicker and more efficient. The recording and the revision of assembly constraints takes place in the preparation. In the workshop itself, the software creates several line balancing proposals according to the target-setting of the planning. Based on various metrics, the software compares these proposals in order to validate particular scenarios in the fine-tuning of your production processes. This new method is used by, e.g. automobile manufacturers. It convinces with outstanding results:

A reduction of staff deployment up to 12% in the line

A reduction of floater operations up to 80%

A reduction of fluctuations of the process time up to 90%

A reduction of the workshop length up to 50%

One Document, All the Info

Our overview summarizes all relevant information in one PDF. Perfect for sharing and exchanging information in your team.

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