Control complex production planning processes effortlessly

The AssemblySuite™ changes the way companies plan and control complex production processes. The software package offers worldwide unique features for the optimization of clocked serial productions focusing on line balancing, order sequencing and the program planning of orders.

Our software solves the problems that arise in case a multi-faceted product is to be part of a clocked production. The software further aims at making multifarious assembly lines more efficient and, at the same time, at reducing the planning efforts. In a modern design solution, the software combines the following innovative features:

  • Intelligent performance indicators to assess the spread of the production time
  • Intuitive visualizations of e.g. order variations and worker drift
  • Automatic line balancing based on documented production constraints
  • Analytical derivation of sequencing rules for the order scheduling

Your benefits at a glance

Increased time spread, idle times in the assembly process, decreasing utilization  –  The steadily increasing number of product variants and special equipment has puts many companies in a precarious position. Short-term bottlenecks have to be squared with expensive line shutdowns and floater operations.

Our software jumps in and fills the gap providing a smooth line balancing and a levelled order sequence. Smart planning processes make the utilization and the time spread transparent for each workstation. At the same time, the automatization of individual planning steps aims at reducing the effort for the planning and controlling many times over. You will get the best results in less time by using our special mathematical optimization methods. The bottom line is that you will get:

Specialized AssemblySuite modules for line balancing and order sequencing.
  • higher level of utilization
  • levelled production with less bottlenecks and less workload peaks
  • More efficient workshops and a reduced planning effort
  • Documented and transferable knowledge about the processes
  • Clear performance indicators and more transparent communication between the production, planning and order management departments

So Many Languages

The AssemblySuite™ can be used in German, English, French, Chinese, Hungarian and Italian.

Your language is not included? No problem! We can provide further translations on request.


One Document, All the Info

Our overview summarizes all relevant information in one PDF. Perfect for sharing and exchanging information in your team.

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Get To Know the Individual Modules of the AssemblySuite

The AssemblySuite™ is a module-based software that consists of different modules that include multiple application components for particular planning problems. All components can either be used individually or can be combined.

Line Balancing

Less time spread due to automatic line balancing based on assembly constraints

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Smooth order sequences optimized by density rules and decreased manufacturing times

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Sequencing Rules

Real Magic: The first tool for the analytical determination of the most effective spacing of orders

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Order Generation

Calculate future order programs for expected quantities with only one click

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Workload Calculation

Utilization and capacity requirements in more detail and flexibly aggregated

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