Workload Calculation

Workload and Capacity Requirements in Full Detail and Flexibly Aggregated

  • Which capacities have to be retained for future order volumes?
  • How much workload will be caused by an order type in different production areas?
  • What happens if the number of pieces of the order type A is duplicated?
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These questions have to be answered in a quick and easy way to guarantee an optimal resource input. Flexibility is the key for being able to challenge the problems of tomorrow without changing the whole system. The objectives of this module are:

  • Calculation of the required number of employees
  • Detailed reporting on the capacities of the production
  • Billing of the production performance according to the actual production output

All Highlights at a Glance

The module “Workload Calculation” offers a highly flexible solution to answer all questions in a quick and targeted way. The advantage of our module is an optimal level of detail and the wide range of possibilities for aggregating workload data. With only a few clicks, you can have a look at the average capacity of the plant and, at the same time, at the workload of an order at every single step of the production. All highlights in brief:

  • Fully flexible aggregation of utilization indicators in a hierarchical presentation
  • Easy integration of any aggregation level according to individual targets
  • Quick live – adaptation of the aggregation levels to the runtime by adding columns and aggregation types via drag & drop
  • Calculation within seconds even for several million plans and thousands of orders
  • Consideration of individual shift models and order filters for each production area

Our workload calculation module offers reporting, manpower- requirement calculation and production billing. All these features are bundled in a fully flexible and modern planning tool that fits seamlessly into every IT environment.

One Document, All the Info

Our overview summarizes all relevant information in one PDF. Perfect for sharing and exchanging information in your team.

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