Analyse and optimize

Analysis, efficiency projects and consultancy services

We provide the ideal combination of analytical software tools and a great deal of experience in the fields of assembly planning and order sequencing: Get all the answers to any of your questions with regard to your serial production. As a part of consulting and analysis projects, we provide new perspectives and indicate concrete optimization potential.

For example in projects like these:

  • Efficiency analysis for existing assembly lines
  • Targeted optimization of assembly areas as a part of efficiency projects
  • Evaluation of alternative assembly concepts: potential and feasibility
  • Optimal distribution of order types on several assembly lines and line sections
  • Potential analysis of methods for alternative order sequencing and steering in of orders
  • Audit and optimization of sequencing rules for mixed assembly lines

Manage assemblies with high product variance successfully

You will benefit from the possibilities of the AssemblySuite and our expertise even without the implementation of our software. In efficiency workshops, we will optimize specific problematic areas of your production by using our software. We will then carry out special analyses and simulations to prepare and validate decisions. Using proven methods and tools, we will show you how to deal with the complexity of production processes, how to improve workflows and how to validate decisions.