Precise Analysis and Planning Tools

We Design and Develop the Planning Solutions of Tomorrow

Enterprise software are often too slow, too vast and grey. Although they stand out for their way of storing and managing data, they show deficiencies in the support of the employees in the planning processes. Unfortunately, amended software requirements often need years until they are specified, implemented and integrated.

We think that this is just unsatisfactory.

Quick Understanding, Quick Implementation

TAKTIQ develops advanced planning and control systems for serial productions. Our focus on these topics enables us to talk with our customers technically at eye-level. The development of new software is primarily based on a profound understanding of the client´s processes. That´s why we rely on personal communication as a basis for better and easy understanding and less on lenghty specification. This approach enables quick implementation and adaptation of ideas.

We provide expertise for the serial production and methods of mathematical optimization to become the optimal developer for your systems. During the technical conceptualization, we already work at the interface between technical and IT requirements. Using our knowledge about our client´s processes as well as the effort for the software implementation, we evaluate the cost-benefit ratio to ensure an optimal use of resources. The flexible building blocks of our software, tackle many of the significant challenges in the field of serial production, and contribute to a rapid implementation of resources.

Modern Software can do More for you

We know the importance of quick responses. Therefore, we develop reactive surfaces and high performance algorithms to eliminate waiting times. Our programs are quick in usage, create visibility and generate a maximum of transparency of all planning processes. And by the way, our software also has an attractive visual appearance.

Our software provides you with what-if calculations, visualizations and a maximal automatization for your planning systems, thus being of real assistance: Intelligent planning processes will help you to save substantial planning time, avoid problems and exploit the optimization potential. We will show you “what is possible”. In addition, we will also provide you with best practices and innovative ideas to design an intelligent system that minimizes your effort as much as possible.

Our software is different: fast, operated intuitively and intelligent.

How it Works- Agile and Integrated

Our development projects are agile. In the development phase, you will already receive operable versions of the software in order to guarantee short feedback cycles and to minimize any problems that risk the whole project. This approach guarantees that your requirements are met accurately. Moreover, modified or enhanced requirements can flexibly be prioritized and integrated into the software development. Last but not least, the best ideas arise while testing and using a system in an ongoing production. These ideas should not be indefinitely postponed as “change requests” over months and years, but rather continually prioritized and implemented.

That´s what we call modern software development.

Advantages of our Approach


  • Very precise specification and system analysis necessary

  • Waterfall-model: analysis, design, implementation, testing
  • Lengthy and strictly sequential processes
  • High costs for any changes after the design phase
  • Results and value creation can only be measured after the end of each phase


  • Implementation of complex projects by using flexible development methods
  • High responsiveness and anticipatory planning
  • Permanent exchange of expertise and your feedback
  • Flexible re-prioritization of changing requirements
  • Direct exploitation of the optimization potential to improve the use of our software in your production