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Our Common Enemy in Order Sequencing

The exploding number of product variants, fluctuating orders and complex rulesets make order sequencing enormously difficult. Simultaneously, competition forces you to become more efficient.

Hundreds of colleagues and the distribution of resources depend on your sequence. As a result, you face stress, tight deadlines and uncertain production performance.

The production planner is frustrated by the complexity of line balancing and order sequencing caused by multi-variant production lines.

The Solution: Superior Sequencing

We know how frustrating this complexity can be. That’s why we built the AssemblySuite™ to help you address and master these challenges.

After one day of training, you are already able to achieve these results:

  • Certainty of smooth production
  • Less stress
  • Your colleagues’ admiration for facilitating their daily work
How it works (2 Min)

You Will Form a Valid Rule-Based Sequence in 3 Seconds!

Our customers like CLAAS, BMW and Capron,
who have used our superior sequencing tool for more than 8 years,
will agree with this statement.

Now Is Your Time to Shine!

As serial productions become more complex, now is the time to use innovation to your advantage.

Be the ruler over complexity and become the smart, confident, and relaxed planner who is responsible for the smoothest sequences your colleagues have ever witnessed.

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Still Having Concerns?
This May Answer Your Questions

The AssemblySuite™ is used in serial production systems with wide-ranging characteristics, from high-quantity car production to building large vehicles such as trucks or tractors with much larger cycle times.

These figures indicate the conditions under which the AssemblySuite™ has been proven to work best:

  • 20 sec – 6 h of cycle time
  • 100 – 2,500,000 tasks
  • 10 – 50,000 orders
  • 2 – 1027 order variants

But our experience shows that we can best answer this question together. Let’s chat! Schedule an appointment now and we’ll discuss whether we’re a good fit.

We offer fair prices for each type of production.

To do this, we use a pricing structure that takes various factors into account. These include the required licenses, the size of the production, the support level and more.

Detailed information can be found in our service specifications here.

That’s the neat part! There are none. You can start from scratch.

You already have data in another planning tool (or Excel)? Even better! We can easily import your tasks and orders to get you started quickly.

You can start using our AssemblySuite in parallel with any existing production planning software. With individual interfaces, implementing a pilot project is easy, cost-efficient, and risk-free!

Afterwards, we are happy to accompany you during the full rollout to make it as smooth and effortless as it can be!

In a pilot project, the AssemblySuite™ will be used in addition to your current systems and processes. Yet, you will already be able to work with your own data and quickly experience improvements.

This makes the implementation completely risk-free! After you have experienced the pilot yourself, we can discuss learnings and solve any open questions and issues before we take further steps.

Experience has shown that one day of training by our team is sufficient to get a good start in working with the AssemblySuite™.

The intuitive user interface, a detailed and up-to-date manual and contextual help make it extremely easy to learn more on the go.

Our trainings last between 1 and 4 days, depending on the scope. They can be held on-site or via video conference. You can arrange them at any time, as additional use cases may require mastery of advanced features.

Any Unanswered Questions?

We will be happy to answer all of them. Just call us or leave us a message today!

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Get to Know the AssemblySuite™ Modules

The AssemblySuite™ offers unique software modules for the optimal line balancing and order sequencing of multifaceted product assemblies.

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Specialized AssemblySuite modules for line balancing and order sequencing.

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